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Guy Ritchie's Lobo

Lobo-Superman.jpgGuy Ritchie has been given a superhero film, and if we're being honest it's perhaps one of the hardest to adapt so far, the reason being is that he's such a violent character and the studio have given him a PG-13 rating to hit.

Lobo is the comic he has the task to bring to the big screen, and if like me you're unfamiliar with the character then I'll just give you a quick rundown.

Lobo is a seven foot tall, hugely muscled, indestructible alien mercenary and bounty hunter operating throughout the universe and the character was originally created as a villain in the 1980's, however it was his incarnation in the 1990's that really brought him to the fore with the role of anti-hero, and it looks like this is the one that Guy Ritchie's film will use.

According to the Variety story the character will be hunting down a group of aliens on Earth and will be aided by a local town, teenage girl. Anyone baulking at that yet? Well throw in that PG-13 rating and see what you think now.

I just can't marry the idea of an indestructible, violent, mercenary alien teaming up with a teenage girl, it feels like Predator and E.T. or some such strange weirdness.

However there's a good side in the fact that Guy Ritchie is taking on the directorial duties, and that's the fact he can make violence seem very stylised and therefore much easier to get through the censors. Still, I'm not so sure how this can turn out.



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