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Halloweed 3D halted

Halloween_Poster.jpgHalloween 3D has stopped production. I'd like to say it's because they are off to work on something original, exciting, and far from gimmicky, unfortunately it's not and the production will be back on at some point in the future it would seem.

However it might be a much simpler reason than scheduling and scared that they are rushing the project, after all consider other 3D horror films and think if this could truly be rushed and ruined.

The first draft of the Halloween 3D script arrived on Friday past and now the production on the film has halted. Everyone concerned is stating that this is because they don't want to rush it and want to get it right, but I wonder at what point did that happen?

Was it during a project planning meeting when they realised they don't have the time to complete the film for the intended date? Well if so don't they normally just extend the date, announce a different one, and go ahead with the film anyway?

Deadline Hollywood Daily through Shock Till You Drop say that it's because they don't want to rush production and that the director Patrick Lussier was committed to a film in January so it had to be shot by then, meanwhile rumours are abounding that there are money problems at the studio and all sorts.

Other speculation is that Halloween II didn't do well and is getting re-released at Halloween to try and make more money, so they aren't so keen on a gimmicky, rushed sequel to something that hasn't been a huge success. Saying that though, DHD suggest that these films are made for very little money and anything over US $25 million is a profit for the studio, Halloween II is sitting at US $32 million.

However it might appear to be something a lot more simpler, or so I would think anyway. The script arrived Friday, it wasn't good, and they decided they needed a rewrite. That means that they won't meet the date required for the production in order for Lussier to move onto his next project.

Shame that though, I really wanted it to be that the studio had woken up, realised it was a rubbish idea, and were off to commission some really original work. What a fool I am.



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