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Hancock 2 with Smith and Theron

Hancock.jpgPeter Berg has been talking about the possibility of Hancock 2, something he's been talking about for some time now, and while it's not really any further forward, he is giving us a little snifter of more movement though, and that's in the casting.

Not only is he saying that both the leads are keen to come back, and that he's already chosen a new villain, and there's something that this character is going to share with the two leads.

I am one of the few who through that really enjoyed Hancock and liked the character and how he evolved, although I wish we had seen more of the serious side of him trying to deal with real life and being super. I also enjoyed the way the story played out and the excitement at the end, and while it could have been better, it brought the three characters together perfectly well.

Peter Berg has been saying for some time that he'd like to see another Hancock film made and that Will Smith was very keen, although early reports were that he wanted control over the script of a new one, something that he appears to have when Berg mentioned on MTV through The Playlist that he is a script consultant for the sequel.

He also reveals that Charlize Theron has agreed to return to the film, and with Smith saying he wants back in, the leads are ready.

However the big news fills me with dread. I've said a number of times now how I think the sequel might play out if the script was going to be lazy, and it's nothing about Hancock any more, or not the Hancock character I liked from the first, the man struggling with himself and his task in life, who slowly comes to terms with who and what he is.

Let me warn you now that we're going into first film spoiler territory here, and I mean big spoiler. I mean big, final section of the film reveals, major plot spoilers.

Ready? Okay.

Well now we're just going to see the story of a superhero out in the open and one in hiding, and not much on the troubled and battling with himself lead character. My fears were that we would find out there was another immortal out there and they would go after Charlize Theron's character in order to get to Will Smith's Hancock, or something similar.

Now it looks like it might be heading that way with Peter Berg saying that he's already got a villain lined up and that he's also lined up someone to play them. We did hear that he was thinking about having another immortal arrive on the scene some time ago.

Also, reading into his comment about the stars returning, we're probably going to see Jason Bateman returning too, after all he said:

”Everybody's going to come back for a sequel”

Well I for one am happy, I rather liked the first.



This site certainly has all of the info I wanted about this subject and didn't know who to ask.


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