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Harrelson's superhero film

Defendor.jpgWoody Harrelson as a superhero? You have to be kidding me, mind you he has the build and the temperament. However stop thinking that direction right now and come back to Earth as Defendor isn't a super superhero, this is the story of a man who believes he is a superhero, and goes on the hunt for a fictitious villain putting himself in harm's way.

Of course he has no powers at all, well perhaps a lime juice squirter and some helmet lights, but don't get taken up in the idea that this is all comedy, the trailer shows there's a fair depth of darkness to it too.

Defendor is the story of an everyday guy who starts to believe he's a superhero, his psychiatrist is a little uncertain of his abilities, but he certainly isn't as he starts to fight his way to the top of the underworld ladder in his city and try and track down his arch enemy.

Sounds a little daft and full of comedy, but the rather jumpy and troubled trailer has some good things to offer, and not just comedy. Half way through the trailer the heat starts getting applied and it does become rather serious and a little dark, just the way I like my comedy too.

However I just can't tell which way the film is going to go, the trailer is badly cut I'm afraid, there's a little sense of story in there, but really it's leaping from scene to scene and I'm sometimes not sure if the bit we're watching is meant to be comic or dark. Although saying that the moments of people getting shot are obviously dark.

I like the idea, and I really do hope that because Woody Harrelson, Kat Dennings, Elias Koteas and the lovely Sandra Oh are in the film that it'll be something more than the trailer would suggest, I'm not sure.

Have a look and see for yourself, it opens well, and I love that line with the "not the lime juice" comment. Here's the trailer from Twitch through JoBlo.



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