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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe dead?

He-Man.jpgThe film version of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe looks like it has been killed off, again. According to reports Warner Brothers and Mattel have been looking at different visions for the film and have struggled to see eye to eye, and that means a parting of the ways after a lot of development time and scripting.

However, let's be clear about this, only Warner Bros. have killed off the project, not Mattel, and it looks like they are going to bring it to another studio and push for it elsewhere.

The story reminds us that the project has been going since 2007, in this form anyway, and that neither the studio nor the toy company saw the same vision for the film and couldn't decide on a single way forward for the film, and so that meant no project.

That worries me. Who has the cartoon version vision and doesn't want it to stray from that campy version? Or worse still who has the first film vision melted into their head? Let's hope it's not Mattel because they'll take it to a studio that agrees with them and churns out that film.

The story comes from Variety through SuperheroHype who don't credit the source, and tells us that Warner Bros. will let the rights lapse back to Mattel this month and Mattel are straight off with John Stevenson staying on as director on the project and going to a new studio. Perhaps they'll take the script with them, time will tell.

Is this a concern for you, or does a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, or simply Masters of the Universe, or even Grayskull, film not really excite you?



Its can not be. I am watching since my childhood.


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