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He-Man resurrected?

He-Man.jpgHe-Man and the Masters of the Universe, or Greyskull as it was being known, was previously killed off after Warner Bros. and Mattel were struggling to come to common ground on the story.

Today, just weeks after the option on the film was left to lapse at Warner Bros., Columbia and Escape Artists are in negotiations to pick them up and are looking to produce a film from starting, once again, from scratch.

It's the umpteenth attempt at the film but it looks like this one will be more in line with with what Mattel would want for their characters, and that has me a little worried. Does that mean we're going to be looking at the eighties cartoon brought back to life, or are we looking at something completely different? I would hope the latter.

There's not much more news in the Hollywood Reporter story other than the production team is in place and the deal looks like it's almost done.

I don't know if He-Man can be made unless he's just looking forward, I can't see an eighties, or an original film remake, working that well. It has to be bigger, bolder and darker for me to be interested.



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