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Highlander remake in Fast & Furious style

Highlander.jpgImagine, and you might want to think of a voice-over for this, a world where the classic Highlander is remade with a script written by those who wrote Iron Man and directed and produced by those who did the same for Fast & Furious. Yes, you are living in the real world, this news is true.

While some think that the Iron Man writers are a good thing and the Fast & Furious producer and director are a bad thing, I still can't get over the fact that there's a remake of Highlander happening at all.

I can see why some might be thinking that the Iron Man writers on the film would be a good thing, after all Iron Man was a resounding success, but it was far from the epic tale of Highlander.

In fact I would suggest that perhaps Fast & Furious and the franchise is closer to the original Highlander than anything, because at the core of the first film are the duo who become friends and yet are on opposite sides, and know that they may have to eventually fight each other. It's a similar feeling to one of the threads in Highlander, although the question of the battle is taken from their hands.

I just think it has more in common at the core with Fast & Furious than it does with Iron Man (Filmstalker review) .

That said, the director is Justin Lin who directed The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and Fast & Furious, not the first in the series. Neal H. Moritz is producing and the duo of writers are Art Marcum and Matt Holloway.

As an aside the two writers are also on The Sigma Protocol, another Robert Ludlum adaptation which will be directed by José Padilha the director of Tropa de Elite (The Elite Squad) (Filmstalker review) and Ônibus 174 (Bus 174) (Filmstalker review), and Convoy, a remake of the Kris Kristofferson film perhaps?

Don't totally despair though, there is some connection to the original, Peter S. Davis is the producer on the Highlander series and will be acting as a producer on this film according to Summit Entertainment's announcement through Coming Soon. Of course that could mean he's doing anything from receiving a nice payment for a name check, to really getting involved.

The press release reveals that they are planning on recreating a new Highlander franchise and that the core idea of the immortals battling each other through the ages will be explored further than the original series did.

The co-Chairman of Summit Entertainment said of the idea that:

"We are privileged to have this amazing opportunity to reinvent one of the great franchises...Neal and Justin have proven more than once that they can deliver an entertaining and exciting blockbuster...

...Justin and Neal are an exciting directing/producing team and I am confident that they will deliver a truly dynamic film while being totally respectful of 'Highlander' Legend."

Well you have to admit he is right, they have done rather well in the franchise department, although it's more on Moritz than Lin, and with the release comes the very firm assurance that they will be staying true to the source story and ideals, now that's got to be a good thing don't you think?



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