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Iron Man 2 changing to 3D?

IronManArmour.jpgThe story is flying all over the place just now that Iron Man 2 could be changed to 3D, something which seems very strange considering they aren't even filming it in 3D.

The film would have to be converted into 3D after the fact, something which really isn't at the cutting edge of technology, and a very expensive business in the process. That's one of the many things that concerns me and that might put Iron Man 3 at risk.

First of all Iron Man 2 is being developed for 2D, and that means converting it to 3D is a process and a half involving a hell of a lot of money and where will that money come from? The studio, to be returned from the profits of the film. Now remember that if the film doesn't return enough profit we could see the budget for the third pulled back or the third film stopped even.

Yes, it is an extreme, but it's a lot of money to pull out of the film in order to change it to 3D after it's already filmed.

There lies another problem. The current level of 3D we watch is where objects are flying past the screen all the time, something that could be perfect for Iron Man flying and weapons going off all the time. However it's not been filmed with that in mind at all, so are 3D fans going to go and see this converted film and wonder why it's not delivering the same 3D action that the others are?

Sure the move is to make 3D just another aspect to the film-making process, like lighting and framing, but that only applies if the film is being made in 3D to begin with, otherwise it's an add on after the fact.

This looks like a disaster waiting to happen. That's Iron Man 2 in 3D, not an Iron Man film in 3D, there's a difference.

Imagine this scenario. Jon Favreau picks up the James Cameron Avatar equipment and creates a true 3D Iron Man, filmed in 3D and with the same designs as Avatar – that being it's about the film and the story and 3D is interwoven through it just like lighting and every other aspect of the film. It's there to enhance the story.

Now wouldn't that be much better than upscaling Iron Man 2 into 3D?

Frankly I think the story from AICN through JoBlo is a bit of racing away with an idea. At the moment the story claims that sources close to the film (and we all know how reliable and annoying they can be) are saying that the studio have made, or are making, a one minute test of Iron Man 2 in 3D, and that they are now shopping out to companies who will make the conversion to understand costs.

I really do hope it's a test that's been picked up and the rumour mill has gone racing with, after all a badly made Iron Man 2 in 3D could seriously hurt the chances for Iron Man 3, or even Iron Man 3D, if that's what floats your boat. Plus the chances of a badly done 3D film converted from a 2D film are much greater than starting at the script stages with 3D in mind.

Personally, if this did happen at all, I think the studio were experimenting. They perhaps realised how long it would be until Iron Man 3 was released and wondered if they could get on the bandwagon early, or perhaps they did it to sell the idea of a third in 3D, maybe some of the studio and people behind the film weren't sold on it. Who knows. We'll have to wait and see.

If you're a fan of 3D films though and the idea of Iron Man in 3D excites you, you better hope that they don't mess the future of the franchise up with a converted 3D version.



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