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Judge Dredd reboot gains writer

JudgeDredd.jpg Judge Dredd looks like he's getting a reboot, and why not? Everything else is. Except there's an interesting twist with this story, the writer assigned to the reboot script is Alex Garland, the man who wrote the novel The Beach and the scripts for 28 Days Later, Sunshine (Filmstalker review). and the never to be seen Halo film.

We heard about the restart of the film back in December 2008, and it's no surprise that Alex Garland is associated with the film considering it was DNA Films behind the restart. Why is that no surprise? Well they were behind Sunshine and 28 Days Later.

With two of the old team back in place would it be such a leap to think that if Alex Garland is in fact writing the script for a new Judge Dredd that we could see Danny Boyle returning to direct the film?

So far it's not confirmed and it comes from Cinema Blend who caught it on a comic artist's twitter talking about the new film version.

The old version of Judge Dredd starred Sylvester Stallone as the Judge himself, a great casting choice if you ask me, and one that would still work 100%, the problem with the film was the script and the decisions in filming the character, not the choice of actor.

Back when it was first announced I just assumed that Stallone wouldn't be getting the role again, but I think there would be something special in getting him back in the role and giving it a decent script and strong direction, and a different direction at that.

However I suspect it'll be a younger casting that pops up, and I still have thoughts of Jason Statham. I mean not in that way, in the way of having him play Judge Dredd.

It marks another reboot though, in a sea of reboots. Still, I'd say it's a reboot I'd like to see. Of course, and I do keep saying this whenever Dredd is mentioned, give us a Rogue Trooper with Stallone in the lead role.

Back to the point in hand though, who would make a good Judge Dredd?



Stallone was an inspired choice for the role first time round. It's a pity ther film was sub par. I would be happy enough with Statham taking up the role or maybe Gerard Butler.

I'd love to see Rogue Trooper make it to the big screen but nobody springs to my mind to play the part.

How about Vin Diesal or Dominic Purcell as Dredd? I'd love to see a SlAINE film,with maybe Karl Urban as the man himself.It would be like PathFinder with demons.

Perhaps Purcell, I don't think Diesel sits well with me for this role. I'd see Statham over Butler though.


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