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King George VI film belittles?

ColinFirth.jpgThere's a new film about a British King, King George VI in fact, and it's set to star the regular British period actor Colin Firth. However the film looks set to focus in something which rather belittles the King and the whole idea of Monarchy, his stammer.

In fact the whole film is set to be about the man's stammer and his problems trying to correct his speech. Sounds more like a bad comedy than anything else.

The film will star Colin Firth, a great actor who really needs to do less period and romantic work and do more serious dramatic films, have you seen Trauma? Excellent performance.

Anyway, The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the film The King's Speech is set to look into King George VI's efforts to overcome a nervous stammer using the help of a speech therapist called Lionel Logue who is to be played by Geoffrey Rush.

George VI took the throne after Edward VIII abdicated in 1936 to marry Wallis Simpson, but rather than any of that, they'll focus on his stammer and what that meant to the King of England.

Tom Hooper is set to direct the film, he recently directed The Damned United and is set to direct East of Eden.

While I don't find it particularly distasteful, I do think there are so many great stories to be told about the British Royalty and this seems to be missing all of them. Perhaps we're only getting a little of the script, let's hope so anyway.



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