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Laranas' Patient X teaser online

PatientX.jpgYam Laranas made the very good Sigaw (Echo) (Filmstalker review) and the American remake The Echo, which I'm still hoping to see, and now he's returned home to make Patient X, and a teaser has been posted on his blog.

The film stars Richard Gutierrez and Christine Reyes, a worthy replacement after Heart Evangelista had to move on (you should see the picture of Reyes on the director's blog!), and features Aswangs, creatures from Filipino folklore that have vampire-like qualities.

Here's the blurb for Patient X from IMDB, because I couldn't find a write up from the writer/director on his own site.

After twenty years, local police captures the murderer of the older brother of a young boy. Now a doctor, he must go back to his old town and face the murderers himself. He then discovers that the murderers are Aswangs (folkloric Filipino vampire-like creatures) and they pose a deadly threat not only to him but also for the entire town.

It looks an interesting film, and while the teaser is small and doesn't give away that much, it does promise a lot, mainly for what Yam Laranas has made to date. This guy can scare you, of that there's no doubt.

You can see the teaser over on Yam Laranas' own site [Flash], see what you think.

Here's a thought for this year's Dead by Dawn, why not get a screening of Patient X, and maybe a back to back overnight of Sigaw and the American remake?



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