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Leslie, My Name is Evil trailers online

LeslieMyNameisEvil.jpgNo that's not a typo, there are two trailers online for the film Leslie, My Name is Evil, the film that sees an upstanding young Christian man in a jury deciding on the outcome of a trial against a member of a hippie cult responsible for murdering a woman in cold blood.

The story is set in the sixties and sees the young, whiter and white man begin to connect with the woman standing up for her trial, and more and more something in him shifts.

Both trailers look interesting, and they definitely caught my eye with the horror and cinematography. Before we take a look at the two trailers, here's the blurb for Leslie, My Name is Evil.

Perry, a sheltered chemical engineer, falls in love with Leslie, a former homecoming princess, when he is selected to be a jury member at her hippie death cult murder trial. Perry has always done what is expected of him. He was a straight A student who got a good job at a chemical company and proposed to his virgin Christian girlfriend, Dorothy.

Leslie took a different path after she was traumatized by Kennedy’s assassination, her abortion and the divorce of her parents. She took LSD, joined a hippie death cult and helped murder a God-fearing citizen in her own home.

When Perry and Leslie lock eyes in court, Perry is forced to confront the darkest deepest parts of himself and by extension, our society. Leslie, My Name is Evil is a film that explores how the choices Perry and Leslie make reflect upon the moral choices our society has made.

Now, the trailers through QuietEarth. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be part of the Manson group or whether there's just a similarity with this lead character, or even if it's just being used for reference. Whatever the option it does seem as though there's some connection.



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