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Let the Right One In remake renamed Fish Head

LetTheRightOneIn.jpgYes, I can sorely believe it either, but the remake of the excellent Let The Right One In (Filmstalker review) is about to be called Fish Head, or already is it would seem.

There's also rumour galore on the casting front that I missed out on for beer and curry, however it's now time to turn our attention to it.

First up the name change. The New York Times is already listing the film as running with two subtitled names, Fish Head or Let Me In underneath their title of the Let the Right One In remake story that sparked some of the casting rumours the other day.

Then, this morning, I noticed a twitter message from Production Weekly that stated:

Filming begins first week of Nov. in New Mexico on a remake of Tomas Alfredson’s "Let the Right One In" now titled "Fish Head".

Fish Head, now there's a very strange title indeed. Do you think that they're going to sit with it? Can you really sit with the title?

Then, yesterday, /Film broke the news that Philip Seymour Hoffman was to star in the film in a role as yet unknown, a story that has since been denied by Overture Films, and that Chloe Moretz, from Kick-Ass and (500) Days of Summer, is set to play the role of Abby, or Eli from the original.

At the same time the New York Times detail for the film lists both actors in the film with Kodi Smit McPhee from The Road playing the role of Owen, Oskar in the original film and story.

The chances are that Hoffman would be playing Hakan, the helper for Abby/Eli, are pretty strong, but with the studio denying his involvement I have to admit I'm confused. Are they trying to build hype by killing the story? Wouldn't they have been better to have come out with the casting news and hyped it up far better that way? After all it's not like the casting of Hoffman would be small news.

Unless there's something else, unless this isn't the good news story and maybe it was announced prematurely with Hoffman either not having signed up or having left.

Regardless, it looks like we'll have to wait for the news on Fish Head.



I'm hoping its just a code name. Most films have them during production. There's less chance of Fish Head getting noticed than Let Me In as footage is transported around the place. I've worked with some really bad code names.

So as a code name its fine as a replacement for Let Me In its a bit shit.

Yeah, I think you're right, it will be a codename for the filming for now, although with it revealed I'm not so sure if it's going to work as intended!


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