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Losers director says Watchmen was simple

Ronin.jpgSylvain White directed Stomp the Yard and I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, and he's directing The Losers and lined up to direct a version of Frank Miller's comic book Ronin.

While talking about that last project he revealed that Ronin was much harder to adapt, much harder than the simple Watchmen which was a frame by frame copy.

Don't get angry with me, these are the words of Sylvain White who said:

”It’s very difficult, and it’s not linear, and it doesn’t really fit into a film format off the bat. It’s not a straight adaptation like ‘300' was or even ‘Watchmen’. It’s not as simple. Zack’s going to kill me. [Laughs]”

Wow, Watchmen (Filmstalker review) simple? I think he's over simplifying the process somewhat and perhaps only looking at the fact that Watchmen was a straight shot for shot adaptation, something which I think was stunning. White doesn't.

”I don’t think you make fans happy by just replicating frames. What they want to see is that you stayed true to the story, true to the characters and true to the design.”

He said this to Collider through /Film when he was talking about the potential of making Ronin, something fans and studio should be wary of until they see the outcome of The Losers.

For those who haven't read The Losers, it's basically what The A-Team would be in modern day, with the reality of war around them, people dying, double crossing, hurt, pain, vengeance and death. It follows a team used by CIA Black Ops abroad who are one day set-up to die by their handler. The escape and turn on the organisation that sent them to their death, returning to kill them one by one.

Ronin is the story of a samurai and the demon he is fighting, brought forward to modern day New York where they continue their battle. I think this will wait until we see how he performs on The Losers first.

White revealed that he wants to make Ronin in 3D. Oh no. Well that speaks volumes. Better than Watchmen? Harder?



White wouldn't be my first choice to pick to direct Ronin. I'm not Zack Snyder but I know that Watchmen wasn't an easy ride. Not a fan of White. Yet.

I suspect he meant that Snyder took a simplistic approach to shooting the film, which he did.

While the methods behind accomplishing it were complex, as was the production value and set design, the fact is that there was little in the way of original thought with framing the shots, it was simply copied verbatim.

Jim, that doesn't make it simple. Multiple directors and studios have attempted to bring the film to a reality and I actually think that there was originality in making Watchman the way Snyder did when you look at the state of film-making in Hollywood.

It's all about remake, reuse and change, and to do the story justice and remake it almost shot for shot would not have been an easy thing to do in Hollywood.

Hey Rich - I'm a huge fan of Ronin the graphic novel. I loved the fold out pages that showed large scale vistas that only a poster sized image could do justice to!
Losers has also gatecrashed my top 20 graphic novels ever (thanks for the tip on them last year!) so I'm excited about both these projects - although I think White still has a lot to prove with the quality of Sin City, 300 and Watchmen out there setting the benchmark.

Aha! I should've asked you about Ronin, I didn't think there.

Sounds like a great comic book, but I think fans have to be concerned. Okay so he's saying shot for shot adaptation of Watchmen wasn't a good idea, well read that a different way, Losers and Ronin will not be shot for shot remakes and he and the writers will change the stories and characters for their film.


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