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Lost Boys 3: The Thirst

LostBoysTheTribe.jpgI have to wonder why, but star of The Lost Boys series Corey Feldman has been talking about the upcoming third in the franchise, which will once again be a direct to DVD film and reveals a little about the plot and what it holds for the Frog Brothers.

The filming is set to begin filming this year, and there's a new director on board, Dario Piana who directed The Deaths of Ian Stone.

I must admit to not watching the previous Lost Boys film as a direct to DVD that was so obviously cashing in on the success and following of the previous film as well as the desperate to make it back stars who haven't made their career any better from the original, well that just didn't appeal to me. I have no idea why.

However Corey Feldman is rather excited about the project, especially as he's now an Executive Producer.

Speaking on his blog through Bloody Disgusting he reveals:

”The title of the film will be Lost Boys: The Thirst and I am excited to say it will be a full scale return of the Frog Brothers(that means Jamison Newlander). Not like the tease in the last film. I would say this will be much closer to the comic book series.I do not want to tell you too much about it other than I have been lucky enough to be asked to Executive Produce the film for Warners. What that means is that I will have more creative involvement than ever before. I promise to do my very best to give the fans what they want this time around.”

I'm not sure that's a good or bad thing, as well as not being sure how much creative involvement the Executive Producer will have on this project, the role changes from film to film and who is actually in that seat. In some films it will be creative, in others money related, in others it's a figurehead to attract fans to the possibility the star is involved, and in some it's just there to pay them some more money from the production through a different route.

”This film will also have a bit more modern of a look to it as it is being directed by Italian director Dario Piana who directed a very futuristic Horror film called “The Deaths of Ian Stone”...I can not tell you anything more about the cast at this time. We are set to start shooting in November in South Africa. I will miss you while I’m gone but don’t worry I’ll write while I’m away.”

Well I can't help but be totally uninterested in this project, although there's something interesting there in the fact that Dario Piana is directing, as his film The Deaths of Ian Stone does sound rather intriguing, although hasn't fared superbly well with audiences.

Did anyone see the previous Lost Boys sequel and enjoy it?



I cant wait for the new lost boys to come out. I have the first and second films.


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