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Mamet's Anne Frank film too dark for Disney

TheDiaryofAnneFrank.jpgDisney behind a remake of The Diary of Anne Frank written and directed by David Mamet seemed a very strange choice, particularly for Disney, however that seemed to be the way forward in August of last year and it looked like Disney was looking a little darker and more realistic. Until now.

You would think that the combination of The Diary of Anne Frank, David Mamet, and someone who has actually a tiny bit of knowledge about film, would result in Disney understanding what they were in for, but apparently not as the news has come that the project is finished.

It seems that the company have rejected the idea of the film because it's too dark. Really? Who would have thought that apart from someone who had know idea about history or film. Would you have thought that The Diary of Anne Frank could become a happy go lucky Disney animated musical?

Through The Wrap and First Showing I heard the other day that the film was put in turnaround at Disney and they rejected David Mamet's take on the film. That's fair enough, but look at that term, turnaround, that doesn't mean it's dead, just put back to the bottom of the pile for another attempt at another time.

However this new version of The Diary of Anne Frank, which you might remember from the 1959 film, wasn't following the true story of the girl and her family who hid in a secret apartment in an Amsterdam flat away from the Nazi occupation and the Holocaust – yeah, you can see the Disney attraction can't you – no, this was set to be an updated story.

It would be set in modern day and tell the story of a Jewish girl who arrives in Israel and “learns about the traumas of suicide bombing”. It's an interesting take on the idea, although I think they should take it far from the original title, especially since Anne Frank was a real person and her story horrifyingly true.

An executive at Disney thought that this was just a little too far though, saying:

”It's very intense, and dark and scary. It's not a film version of The Diary of Anne Frank. The story evolved into something more intense.”

Well so is the original. I just can't understand what Disney were thinking in the first place if they really believed it was going to be anything but dark, scary and incredibly frightening, although this version does sound a lot more relevant to a modern audience, particularly with Mamet's hand in the film.

Personally I'm more than interested in seeing Mamet's version. Is there any chance Disney could realise that they should never touch this and give it to a studio with some desire to make darker, more realistic stories?



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