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Meyer's The Host to be adapted

MeyersTheHost.jpgWhen I first saw The Host in bookstores I wasn't interested. Written by Stephanie Meyer I thought it was another one of those tweeny Twilight stories, however it's not that at all, it's her first adult written book and has been bought by two producers in order to be made into a film.

Andrew Niccol is the man tasked with writing and directing the film version of her novel The Host, a science fiction love story.

Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz and Nick Wechsler are the producers who bought the rights to the novel with their own money, and instead of racing out and getting the director they wanted they asked Stephanie Meyer which science fiction films she liked the most.

According to Variety that was films such as Gattaca and The Truman Show, which isn't really science fiction but we'll let that one slide for the story, and it so happens that Andrew Niccol wrote both films and directed Gattaca, so it would seem their choice was made, and Niccol agreed.

The story is set on a future Earth which has seen the planet taken over by an alien race. The aliens are a race of benevolent parasites who call themselves soulds and fuse with their hosts. One soul is called the Wanderer and fuses with a dying human in order to search out the last remaining groups of human survivors.

Stephanie Meyers has apparently turned down a number of offers for the film rights, but this one was a "significant offer" according to the story, and she was offered a lot of creative input into the production, hence the decision on the writer/director.

I'm wondering though how different this is from Twilight. Two lovers separated by different races who shouldn't co-exist but have a special connection, just minus the twenty-something issues. Then I took a moment to read some other blurbs for the book and discovered a lot more.

The Wanderer is a worm-like creature that usually takes over creatures once their souls have left their bodies, however the soul has not left this human and the creature and human reach an agreement over their sharing of the body in order that they can help each other.

The human is aided in her quest to find her brother and boyfriend, but on the way she is captured by some humans who are still alive and we begin to see that the creatures are perhaps far from evil.

It's an interesting turn around and the comments I've been reading are rather positive and they may actually make me read the book now. The question is how will the film turn out and will there be enough distance from the Twilight series? I should think so since the producers have independantly purchsed the rights.



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