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Michael Caine's Harry Brown trailer online

MichaelCaine.jpgMichael Caine is one of the best actors around and he always makes interesting film choices, his latest is a modern Death Wish kind of film that really taps into a feeling of modern day society as well as looking as though it actually delivers a strong film.

He stars as an ex-Royal Marine living in a rough estate whose best friend is murdered by some local gangs. What happens? Well Harry Brown decides, when the Police can't do much for red tape and stuff like the law, that he'll seek his own revenge.

Superb stuff. Michael Caine as a man hell-bent on revenge? That just sounds like an acting heaven for the man, and he looks like he's revelling in it.

The trailer is well put together, dark, foreboding, and doesn't give Harry Brown too much of a reveal. He appears as Harry Brown for most of the film with a few shots of him in action, just enough to entice. I'm there already, it looks superb.

Daniel Barber directs, his first film was a short in 2007 based on an Elmore Leonard story called The Tonto Woman, and now Harry Brown. It's written by Gary Young who was a writer on The Tournament, the film about the assassin competition that we're yet to see.

Not only does it star the superb Michael Caine, but it also has Emily Mortimer, Liam Cunningham, Iain Glen and Jack O'Connell.

Okay, shut up Richard, here's the trailer through the superb Quiet Earth:



Wonferful cast and looks like a back to form, leading man Caine. Nice.


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