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Michael Jackson's This is It trailer online

MichaelJackson-ThisIsIt.jpgThe trailer for Michael Jackson's This is It film is online and it looks wonderful. The behind the scenes footage looks set to reveal quite a bit about the man and how he interacted with others out of the spotlight, something we don't often see, as well as some great stage performances.

The footage looks suggests the tour would have given us something amazing, and now I'm desperate to see it. Let's see how you feel after seeing it.

Michael Jackson's last concert, which he never had the chance to perform to an audience before his death, was filmed both in front of and behind the scenes, after all it was promised to be his biggest, best, and final concert ever, and was sold out quicker than anything.

Now we get a chance to see a fair bit of it, and the trailer is a great promise of what's to come.

You'll note I didn't go to the source of the trailer since they never make any footage available to worldwide audiences.

Don't you think the ending of This is It will use that quote from the middle of the trailer, “hold for applause and fade out”?



It does look wonderful. I find it sad that he looked really excited about doing that tour. That quote would be great to use Richard, although no doubt they would use a voice over of Michael saying something, maybe. I can't wait to see it.

I'm not a huge MJ fan, and I was dreading this coming out. However, I'll happily eat my words if this is as good as it looks. The trailer is expertly edited, so if they sustain this over the length of the flick, should be great.


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