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Morgan up for Red Dawn

RedDawn.jpgJeffrey Dean Morgan may be next in line to join the remake Red Dawn, and if he did it would mark a step up for the film that seems to be a bit of an unknown so far.

The original film sees a cast of young stars, including Patrick Swayze, playing high school kids who start a resistance fight against invading Russian forces in midwest America. The new film is going to see Russa and China join forces and invading, and a similar group of high school kids fighting off the invading forces.

It seems a surprising choice for a remake and quite a stretch believability wise, but it's going ahead. So far we've heard of all the younger cast members and a rumour we've heard little back from, the possible casting of Kurt Russell, so the news that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in talks for the film is definitely ramping up expectations.

Variety reminds us that Dan Bradley is directing this new Red Dawn from a screenplay by Carl Ellsworth and Jeremy Passmore, both with some interesting credits to their names, Bradley is the unknown here.

I have to say if Morgan signs up then hopes have to rise for this film, and if Russell does too then I'd be elated.



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