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Neve Campbell joins Scream 4

NeveCampbell.jpgWhile the Weinstein company resizes and tries to deal with harder times they're also hard at work on some key projects, the revival of the Scream project is one, whether it's a good idea or not they're moving forward with it. Up until recently some of the major stars were cast for a return but everyone was doubting the return of Neve Campbell, even she was unsure.

Now though, that uncertainty has ended as the man himself has revealed that Campbell has now signed on to join Courtney Cox and David Arquette to return to the franchise.

Bob Weinstein was talking about where his company is headed and what films he's planning to turn out, and the two words were franchises and 3D. It seems though that Scream has escaped the dreaded 3D mark and will merely come out in standard, traditional, and let's face it much better for the film, 2D.

He reveals to Variety through Coming Soon that the company is still talking to Wes Craven, and that really does mean that they are trying to recapture the original feel of Scream, although I find it hard to believe it will turn out to be anything more than a film covering well trodden ground.

Still, if they did manage to get Wes Craven then that's got to be a rather big bonus don't you think?

With Courtney Cox and David Arquette on board the film was headed forward, but the real sticking block, original director or not, was Neve Campbell. Without Campbell there is no Scream. Well, there is no Scream until they complete the fourth and hand the franchise over to a younger team which seems to be the idea behind this film, and a younger team means (on paper) a brand new franchise and new fans.

Let's see about that shall we?



great news that neve is joining scream 4...

neve always made the scream series very captivating and dynamic in a realistic way...
we all look forward to what will be a hairaising and intriging picture...
i hope craven ensures the picture maintains the intensity of the first and third (careful use of daytime and night time scenes)and gives neve the necessary angles to project her range of considerable acting cababilities / intensities.

should the team be looking to project for a more adult picture with nc17 certificate as i always felt that certainly the first scream justified this.(based on the opening segment alone).


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