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New Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer online

FantasticMrFox.jpgThere's a new trailer for Fantastic Mr. Fox online which gives us a lot more than the previous. Usually you see a new trailer like this and it's just the same one with a few different shots, well this is very different and has plenty of new shots.

Mind you some of the quotes from others are, as they often are, sounding hilariously daft, I mean we've “never seen anything like this before”? Well it looks like plenty of stop motion animated films to me, or perhaps they've never seen any before.

Wes Anderson's new film, Fantastic Mr. Fox, is looking great though, and the amount of talent that he's secured for the voices is amazing. Not only the amount of big names but also the picking of some of those voices, George Clooney for the lead is just perfect, and there's a fair bit of a mix in the names surrounding him.

There's a lot of hype growing around the film, but I don't think it's as ground breaking as some are trying to suggest.

Have a look at the latest trailer for yourself over at Apple Trailers [P:S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p].

Are you as excited as those that got trailer quotes for the film? Is it really going to be that good? I think the voices and script are going to make the film and the animation just help build the story, as it should be. The animation needs to make you believe the characters are real and pull you into the story, not make you sit and be in awe at it, otherwise you forget about the story and characters, and those are the important bits.



I'm really looking looking forward to this flick. Its a while since I've read the book, but in the days of remakes and stuff, its great to see a film based on a good story. Add to that the voice talent, and Andersons unique view and I think its a winner, the trailers have certainly not made me think otherwise.

I'll be taking the kid to see this as her first film at the pictures.

I hope its a U!


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