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New Surrogates non-U.S. trailer online

Surrogates.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Surrogates, what the U.S. would call an International trailer and what struck me is I shouldn't be calling it that since it's probably showing in the UK and therefore would be my domestic. Anyway, not important, what is important is even this new cut still shows a huge surprise in the film.

What I don't understand is why the trailer revealing the character's story isn't enough. Understanding the story is one thing, but getting what would appear to be a huge plot reveal in the past three trailers is something very different. Why are we being shown this? Why hasn't it been edited out?

I can understand seeing Bruce Willis' character and his story – he's a cop investigating why, and how, someone is killing real people who now live through a surrogate robot and never venture out into the real world.

He's targeted himself and barely manages to escape, but he doesn't come back into another surrogate, he decides to brave the real world himself and keep investigating the crimes.

Surely that, and the associated imagery is all we need? Well there's a little more we're shown and this is where, if you haven't seen any of the last few trailers, you might want to turn away because this could potentially contain huge spoilers.

Actually let me show you the new rapid cut trailer for Surrogates and we'll talk about it afterwards.

So it's that final scene. We understand that people are being killed through their surrogates and it gives the feeling that this is some terrorist act to try and make people come out into the real world and interact, or that's what the dialogue seems to imply, so why show us any more? Why show us that one of their attacks is on the main system that runs all the surrogates and that it shuts them all down, perhaps killing everyone who is attached to their surrogate?

To me that's a huge moment and would be a moment the film builds up to, the final scenes revealing perhaps that people have been breaking away from their surrogates and they emerge to walk right into new lives, sweeping away the surrogates and dead bodies and starting again.

That sounds like the film right there, but surely it can't be? Surely they haven't shown the final big scenes?



Although a bit of a reveal, it's not the biggest surprise in the film...take it from a big fan of the graphic novel....

Thanks Harvey, that's hugely appreciated. I'm glad it's not the big spoiler that it sets itself up to be.

I've just grown so distrustful of trailers.

Is the graphic novel worth reading then?

you can WIN a trip to the PREMIERE of the Surrogates by scanning the code on this ad with your mobile: http://twitpic.com/h30s4/full

yay, cant wait!!


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