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Nick Hornby's Babymakers

NickHornby.jpgNick Hornby has his next project lined up, a film called The Babymakers that will show how babies are made, that is by the little creatures inside the mother that put the baby parts together.

Yes, it may sound a bizarre story but it's intended to be an animated feature film and a family adventure from the man who wrote Fever Pitch, High Fidelity and About a Boy.

Nick Hornby is very busy right now, he's writing the lyrics for Ben Folds' new album (that's minus the Five these days), completed the promotional work for his new novel Juliet, Naked, and preparing for his comedy series to hit Radio 4 later this year.

He's also seeing a film version made of his novel A Long Way Down and How to Be Good, neither he will adapt.

However despite all that work he's managing to write a feature-length animated film called The Babymakers which his wife, Amanda Posey, and Finola Dwyer will be producing according to The Guardian.

According to Dwyer, the film will be about...

”...the little creatures inside the body that put the components of a baby together.”

The story really starts when one of these creatures, called Toe, disappears.

Nick Hornby worked on the idea with Giles Smith who is a columnist for the Times and also worked with him on the Radio 4 comedy series called The Richest Man in Britain.

Hornby is a busy and definitely hot property right now, and although this story sounds incredibly strange, there's a strong chance it's going to do really well.



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