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Nightmare on Elm Street teaser trailer online

FreddyKruger.jpgThe teaser trailer for the Nightmare on Elm Street remake has arrived online this morning, and it looks scary, very creepy, and recreates a number of the scenes from the first film.

The story follows the disappearance of teenagers in a town that once saw a local mob of parents murder the Springwood Slasher, a local man who killed children using a glove with knives attached to its fingers. The mob burns him alive in the boiler room where he worked. Now teenagers are dying in their sleep in very similar circumstances.

It seems that Freddy Krueger is back, and he's killing people from beyond the grave, coming through their dreams and killing them in a world that he controls, your nightmares.

The original Nightmare on Elm Street was a great film that turned into a series and made both Krueger and Robert Englund household names. Now that could be the same for the new actor behind Krueger, Jackie Earle Haley, who is already known for his role in Watchmen (Filmstalker review).

The trailer for the new Nightmare on Elm Street comes from MySpace, where you can see it in high definition too, through Rope of Silicon.

The first thing that you notice is that it looks really stylish, way more intense than the first one, and there's a huge level of creepiness in there to add to the horror factor, a factor which seems to be pretty high if the trailer is anything to go by.

It's looking really good, well it was until the closing moment. We've already seen the moment that Krueger is created, we've seen a quick explanation of why, we've seen the references to the original film, it's all great. So why build up the terror of this individual only to show too much of his face and hear his voice at the end?

This is a teaser. It would have been much better if they'd cut that final scene and left it as is.

Still, it's really strong, despite that final scene.



it really doesn't look that much different than the original.

what is the point of the remake?

Hey Chris, well if I can call you Chris and not just spammer-marketer who pops onto sites, drops in one comment and leaves a link to a crappy money lending site - I'm still trying to decide whether or not to ban this practice.

The point is obvious. Money. The studios want it fast and easy with less development costs, this is one way to do it. Reuse and Remake.

I think the trailer is very good. I hope other trailers yet to come don't ruin the stylish atmosphere as created in this trailer. It's a shame that the filmmakers have stayed a bit close to the original and therefore played it safe, but the original is a great story.

I just hope it is a scary film that will make me want to stay awake at night.

At least Freddy seems creepy once again.

He is creepy isn't he? There are lots of shots in there of him not doing anything physical, just scaring people, and I like that.

Yeah I like that too. There is a creepy shot of him walking slowly towards the camera, which freaks me out. I'm actually looking interested to seeing this. And slightly excited.


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