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Patient X trailer online

PatientX.jpgThe trailer for Yam Laranas' Patient X has arrived online and I have to say I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. The film uses the creature from Filipino folklore called the Aswang, a vampiric creature that groups together and hunts for human entrails, preferably living.

Laranas released the very good Sigaw (Filmstalker review) back in 2004 which helped him leap to Hollywood to helm a remake called The Echo. Now he's returned home with this horror film.

Patient X certainly looks interesting, and there's enough there to draw you in, but I think you have to know what Yam Laranas is capable of to be sold on the film through this trailer, for it does feel a little lose with the storytelling. I think perhaps another edit might bring us something a little stronger.

Here's the trailer to make your own minds up. It comes from Twitch through the excellent Quiet Earth.



The trailer has left me a little confused.

Okay this is not related to the movie but following the recent tropical storm that hit the Philippines and flooded the capital, Patient X lead actress Christine Reyes was trapped on her roof as waters flooded her house and in an ending worthy of a movie, co-star Richard Gutierrez managed to get help by using a boat and saving her co-star.

Wow, the guy's a real life hero for her and not just an on screen one. You can guarantee that story will be doing the marketing rounds with the actors.

Thanks for that Simone.

Youre welcome Richard.

Filipinos like those type of hype, it gets them going to the cinema!


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