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Plan 9 From Outer Space remake trailer

Plan9.jpgSimply called Plan 9, this is the remake of the infamous Ed Wood film, Plan 9 From Outer Space remake trailer, a film often referred to as the worst film ever made.

Perhaps not so here as Plan 9 seems to have a little more to it than the original, and a few more notches on the production values too.

Plan 9 tells the simple story of how aliens arrive on Earth and begin attacking every living human, using the dead humans to do so. It's an evil alien zombie type film, and despite a few moments which do have a whiff of the bottom level budget of Ed Wood's original, this is looking rather interesting all in all.

Have you seen the original Plan 9 From Outer Space? Does it make you interested in seeing this version, or is it the trailer that's enticing you in?

Here's the trailer that comes through Quiet Earth. Interestingly they reveal that the director of the film, John Johnson, is the one set to direct Stephen King's Dark Tower. Is that so? Where did that snippet come from?



Yes I've seen the original and, strangely enough, when I get tired of all the absurdity, I watch this film so I can have a sense of humor about things. I genuinely believe this film deserves to be remade into something bigger and better by a major studio with a more serious tone.


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