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Predators script review reveals plot

Predator.jpgThe plot of Predators, Robert Rodriguez's sequel to Predator that he wrote after the first film as a writing assignment for the studio and which never saw the light of day until now, has been given away in the script review online.

The film is coming out next year and Rodriguez himself is getting to bring his script back to life and onto the big screen via the director Nimród Antal, and a chance at bringing back to life the Predator franchise. Can he do it? Well after reading the script review I'm definitely in two minds about it.

Here's the simple run down, and I don't believe there are any spoilers in here, it's just really the opening set-up.

The Predators have not only been coming to Earth on the hottest of summers and fighting the best of the best, they've also been tracking where they are and kidnapping them, taking them back to their home world, and dropping them into a huge game reserve they've created for one purpose, hunting.

There the Predators seem to find more enjoyment hunting the best prey, somewhere where they know all the territory, terrain, creatures, plant life, how to survive, etc. That surely doesn't sound as much of a challenge as going to a brand new planet where they would be the ones at a disadvantage hunting killers in their own environments. To me this is the first weak spot of the idea, especially when you hear that the script has them meeting the biggest, baddest Predator to date – wouldn't he prefer to be going against the biggest challenges of the universe? Wouldn't those involve fighting the creatures on their terms a la Predator?

Anyway, this new guy is picked up from Earth and dropped onto the reserve where he meets a group of other humans – and here's where I interject with my next point, in the entire universe the Predators are only concerned with humans? It would seem so since that's all we hear about them fighting.

The group is made up of eight fighters from all walks of life an nationalities, each one with a different weapon, race, and history. Nice and convenient. Sure Predator featured differing individuals with their own character traits and with some their own unique weaponry, but this seems like a nicely forced, politically correct, engage the entire world audience in one film.

It also reinforces the oddity that the Predators are only visiting Earth. With the ability to space travel they are only going to Earth and collecting people from different countries? Well maybe this year it's Earth, last year it was the Alien world.

Not so, as they are fighting and evading the Predators they find that there is a human on the planet who has been living right under the noses of the Predators, all nice and safe in a cave. Presumably plastering himself in mud and going out hunting every day then recycling all his waste so he's never found. He reveals to the group that the Predators have been dropping humans in here for years. Ah well, it is just Earth then.

Anyway, they team up and try to survive against the Predator, Predator hawks, Predator dogs...and here's another point for me to cut in, it sounds like Hollywood has said those two big words again, “bigger” and “more”. Do we really need Predator creatures galore? Well it is Predator's home world jungle, so I guess we do, and we need it to be “bigger” and “more” than the original.

There is a nice surprise in the script though, and if it makes it to the big screen it'll be great, Latino Review mention in their script review that Arnold Schwarzenegger will return in a cameo role. Perhaps his head on a trophy wall? Perhaps he too is in the jungle somewhere? Who knows, but it's a nice touch. A nice touch, but it won't win over everyone, remember Terminator Salvation (Filmstalker review) did the same.

Danny Trejo himself has been saying that he's in the film, and there's no doubt that he'll be playing the Mexican character, other than that there's no word on casting.

However the good news is that this isn't a demographic grabbing film, apparently it's going to be pretty bloody and violent, as it should be. Well we say that now but it's only at the scripting stage, who knows what the rewrites have done, how the director will film it, and how the editors and studio cuts will pare it back.

Still, it doesn't sound disastrous, just not as great and as such a franchise saving film as people are making it out to be.



Sounds a little confusing, but I don't think audiences will buy that story. I'm not sure whether I like it.

Okay, so I actually like the script, and I think the person living on their planet will be arnold's character from the first film and I think he will play that character, because it is supposed to be an older character who knows how to fight back against them. The other casting seems right to me, adrien brody is an awesome actor and I could see him as a badass sniper. The multicultural thing is realistic because they are looking for the best warriors earth has to offer, naturally they would be displaced and not all from one country. Sure, the "politically correctness" is just an added bonus. The issue of there just being humans there is a pretty valid point, but I think that is left for the viewer to question, and you are probably right in saying they alternate between species of pray. Also, it makes sense that the planet would have other alien species, I'm not sure why that doesn't make sense to you guys, I'm sure their calling them "predator" this and that for now until they come up with names for them. Rodriguez has had some really cool movies, and let's not forget Predator movies are about being bigger and better and I'm positive that this will be better than AVP one and two and probably even Predator 2. It will be tough to surpass the original though.

Hey Dev. Of course the planet would have other creatures, it's just that when we've seen such things in other films it has ended up diluting the power of the creature and just not working as well as it could have.

As for the nationalities, yes it does make sense that they would be from all over, it just feels a little contrived to me that's all. I guess we have to remember though that this is still in paper in a small blurb and there's a long way to go to the big screen.

So yes, it could work out a lot better than it seems on this blurb, and I hope it does. You're right though, it probably won't surpass the original, and nor should it. Aliens didn't do that to Alien and actually carved it's own way and did it superbly well too.

Hope you're right about Arnie, that's how it feels anyway.


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