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[REC] 2 full trailer online

Rec2.jpgAlthough there are some strong similarities, the new trailer for [REC] 2 is actually different and has some new scenes.

This film is the Spanish sequel to the original Spanish film, nothing to do with the Quarantine shot for shot remake here. However the plot doesn't appear to have evolved much from the first, in fact you might say it's a remake.

However don't be fooled into thinking that, for after reading a review for the film there's a lot to be had from this sequel and it really is moving forward with a franchise that we might have thought previously dead, or at least wearing incredibly thin as the trailer seems to suggest more of the same.

In the first film, [REC], we saw a block of flats being blocked off by the authorities when they realised something terrible was inside infecting and killing everyone. So the film followed the survivors and what they went through to try and stay alive.

Quarantine was Hollywood's answer to a good foreign film, remake it exactly the same way, just in English so that no one has to watch those damned subtitles.

Then there was news of the sequel, [REC] 2, and the teasers we've seen looked much the same idea, even this trailer here. The idea was that a team of SWAT like police officers are sent in to try and clear the building, or perhaps to see if there are any survivors left. The time line would perhaps be hours after the first film.

As they enter the building they are greeted by the undead and they too are picked off in the same way as the first, except this time we're not watching it through a video camera of one of the people inside, this time we're watching through the helmet cameras of the police units.

Doesn't really seem to be much to it. However reading a review over at ScreenDaily through ShockTillYouDrop, there's actually a lot more.

”A real-time sequel which literally takes off the moment its predecessor ends, [REC] 2 keeps the adrenalin pumping while ramping up the good-versus-evil element with an Exorcist-style subplot about demonic possession. Neatly paving the way for [REC]3 with a cliffhanger ending, it has enough invention and wit to extend the saga into a franchise even while the novelty value of the 2007 faux documentary has worn thin. Writer/directors Balaguero and Plaza should be busy with the series for some years.”

Wow, that really doesn't sound like more of the same, not at all. However keep reading the review, and beware of a few spoilers, and you'll find that there are some very expected elements, although not so expected in REC, we're not in the zombie genre now Dorothy.

So with all our interest suitably piqued, perhaps it's time to watch that trailer? You can see it over at Plus.es [Flash] who have the full [REC] 2 trailer.



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