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Red Dawn remake details

RedDawn.jpgDetails, in the form of photos of the sets, have appeared online for the remake of Red Dawn, and they reveal some interesting information.

First is that the invading force seems to be all Chinese, there isn't a single Russian reference, and more importantly it isn't some faked superpower, something that might cause a little controversy. However there's another, far more important point that the photos reveal, and that's just how far on the film will be.

Let's get the quick one out of the way first. The new Red Dawn was to see a teamed up Russia and China as the foe, heading into America and trying to take over the country by a land invasion. Now though it seems that the photos on the official site, through JoBlo, are all about Chinese propaganda all over the set locations, and not a Russian flag in sight.

Paul's dead right in his write up, this is going to cause some controversy. The idea that Russia and China had teamed up in some multi-national force might have been far enough removed from the real world to make it work. Then again, perhaps not.

However the idea of just having a Chinese force entering America and taking over the everyday lives of Americans and trying to forcibly turn them into Communists is probably going to be a little too close to the bone for a lot of people. Let's just be thankful that it isn't still the Cold War.

Yet that's not the biggest surprise for me. I remember the original Red Dawn as being a film that began at the beginning. Maybe I'm forgetting how it plays out but I thought the Wolverines, the team of high school kids who end up becoming the local resistance to the invading force.

Looking at the photos on the official site it does look the forces are far more entrenched than they did in the original Red Dawn. Perhaps someone who has seen the film more recently than I have and can correct me on this, but looking at the photos it looks a little more than the forces have just arrived, this looks far more established.

Of course it's more than likely that the film will start off with the invasion and we'll see the film leap forward in time, still though, this looks quite a ways ahead of the way I remember Red Dawn. What about your memory of the film?



Richard, you're right about the start of the original. It starts with them in school, and the paratroopers dropping on to the school grounds. A group then escape, and tool up and head for the hills.

Thanks for that Mark. What do you think of the photos, do you see the same thing as I do there?


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