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Resident Evil V a prequel?

ResidentEvilExtinction.jpgI can hardly believe this, and I'm sure it's down to posturing and careful positioning to ensure a maximum salary during negotiations, but the word is that Milla Jovovich has proven too expensive for the latest Resident Evil film so she's dropped.

With that drop comes a change in plan for the series and the change is something radical. Apparently the idea is to restart the series with a prequel.

Now don't get confused here, as I initially was, Resident Evil IV: Afterlife is still going ahead, that's the one that will see the story move from Japan to Alaska, the latest instalment we've been talking about. The change in franchise is from Resident Evil V, the one planned for after the currently filming episode.

According to the rumour in Bloody Disgusting through CinemaBlend the fifth film might be called something like Resident Evil Begins, and will return to the origin of the story where a crack team break into a military installation where a supercomputer has gone out of control, a virus has been released that has mutated all the personnel, and there's a time limit for them to shut things down before everything goes boom.

I can understand that they are thinking that the episodes in the franchise are getting too expensive, but why not just pull them back in the storyline itself? I mean the next one sees Paul W.S. Anderson using the 3D equipment from Avatar, now that's got to be a big expense to begin with, forget the leading lady, plus there's so much CG work in the series now, couldn't they cut back on that too?

Does it really need a restart of the entire franchise to reduce costs? Apparently so, but I think the studio will be losing a big fan base by going down that route.



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