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Ring 3 in 3D?

RinguWell.jpgThere's talk of a third in the English language Ring series, the story of Samara and the videotape that kills, and with it comes a phrase which has the word bandwagon in it, yes I'm sure you can guess where this is going considering that this is the third in the series.

Ring 3 may well be in 3D. Whatever the western versions of Ring brought from the original and Japanese horror in general, looks like it'll be gone in favour of gimmicks.

Now there are some caveats to this story, well one in particular, this is a huge rumour, I mean huge. The story says that there is “talk” of the third film, and the original story from Bloody Disgusting even uses that word in quotes too, so I think it's fair to say that this is far from actually moving forward into production, “talk” could mean any manner of things and all of them well before anything has been signed or agreed with anyone else.

So with that in mind, the rumour is that a Ring 3 is being considered, and not only that but it would be in 3D. Personally I think the 3D talk is only down to two things, the fact that it has a 3 in the title, which is a superb marketing tool for the 3D aspect right now, and the fact that 3D is just so hot right now.

However that really could just be more talk than the “talk”. I'd hold back on that one for now, although some of the sequences could really work well in 3D, imagine the videotape playing that Samara coming out of that well, if the videotape was mentioned again of course.

The real question though is should there be a third Ring film? The two Ring films made a lot of money, both falling into profit, and the first Ring remake was superbly done, and while not as good as the original it was really close and very good. In terms of western horror it beat a hell of a lot.

So could there be a third Ring film, and would you want to see it? I wonder if the Ring series has had its day, and without something special and a big injection of talent I don't know if there's a chance to revive it. Plus the talk of 3D is just making me cringe, as a selling point that usually spells trouble.



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