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Scott's Vampire film gains writer

RidleyScott.jpgBack in July of 2007 we heard that Ridley Scott was producing a film adapted from a new trilogy of novels about vampires with the first novel, as yet unpublished, being called The Passage.

The word is that Ridley Scott's production company is behind the deal and there's the potential for the man himself to direct, but as yet there's no confirmation. However it has a writer.

John Logan is set to adapt the Jordan Ainsley, aka Justin Cronin novel The Passage and that's another suggestion that Ridley Scott might get more involved in the project, because the worked together on Gladiator.

The book was sold on a mere four hundred pages that had been written and an outline, and Variety point out that the completed novel was three times as long, so that has to be a great four hundred pages.

The novel tells the story of how terminally ill patients in South America are becoming healthy after being bitten by vampire bats. The government starts conducting secret tests on the bats to find out what's happening, and then start testing on humans to see what this new virus can do. Not just any humans though, death row inmates for one.

Before long they've done a Resident Evil and created something they can't control, death row inmate vampires. Smash, crash, you've got a huge epidemic spreading faster than you can believe, and we're starting to sound like Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's The Strain.

Similarities aside, the story does sound a good one and Logan has a good list of films on his slate, including Gore Verbinski's Bioshock, Empire for Michael Mann, Lincoln for Steven Spielberg, and in his past The Aviator, The Last Samurai, and a film called The Bats about genetically engineered bats that have escaped and are intelligent, vicious, and killers. All the elements you need for The Passage and Ridley Scott directing.



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