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Sex and the City sequel speculation

SexandtheCity.jpgNot only are there plenty of photos online today from the set of the Sex and the City sequel, but there's also some speculation about how the plot will evolve for this story, speculation that gets carried forward a little by the clothes being worn.

Yes, it's a long shot and comes from a completely unreliable source, but sometimes it's fun to speculate, something it looks like Mr Big could have been doing a little too much of.

First up the photos, and they reveal that Sarah Jessica Parker is filming an eighties flashback sequence to when she first arrived in New York, at least that's what she's been photographed doing as we've no real idea what the script will really have in store for audiences, this could be complete misdirection.

However there are further photos that show Mr Big in a more casual attire and the speculation in the article from the Daily Mail suggests that we'll see Mr Big lose his fortune, hence the casual clothing, and Carrie lose their baby.

While babies are obviously the next step in their relationship, I don't know if they will want to leap right into that story and not leave something for the imagination. Although this was said to be one more film, I wonder if they're going to look to bleed the franchise dry as Kristin Davis said:

”We did the first one, and those were our pent-up things that we hadn’t finished in the show, so now we’re just starting fresh in a way, which is really, really exciting. It’s just a new adventure.”

That last bit does sound like the comment from someone who is preparing for a few films, not just one. Yes, it is blatant speculation indeed.

It could be the last one though. If Mr Big did lose all his money then we could see the couple leaving New York for a quieter life, after all they were looking to film some of Sex and the City 2 in Dubai, a move which was denied by the authorities, but it does hint at more than just New York being out there.

Who knows which way it will go, it could be the end, or it could be another beginning as Davis says. All we know is that everyone is back and that filming is underway.



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