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Sherlock Holmes sequel: Pitt as Moriarty?

BradPitt.jpgIt's not a rumour that Warner Bros. are already developing a Sherlock Holmes sequel, that appears to be fact as the studio pull in the writers Kieran and Michele Mulroney who are also writing the Justice League of America film entitled Justice League: Mortal – guess the plot from that then.

However the big rumour is that already they are looking at casting, something that seems strange as I say yet again that there's no word of director and this is the first attempt at writing the script, however the rumour is well established that Brad Pitt has been talking about playing Moriarty.

Now with no confirmation of director attached, although I think it's fair to say that judging from Guy Ritchie's comments to date he'd love to take up the experience again, and without confirmation of lead actors, although they are most likely caught with clauses for three films in their contracts, and with the script not even started it's first run with the first scriptwriters, it's really early days to be talking about casting a villain.

What it does say though is that it's very clear that Moriarty appears in the first Sherlock Holmes in a way that brings him into the second. I suspect there's a villain creation scene, think Joker in Tim Burton's Batman, where Moriarty is pulled in to be the arch enemy of Sherlock Holmes in some way.

Whatever his appearance in the first film, it's significant to bring him into the second as a major character, even before the writers have started tapping away. Mind you to be fair he is the arch enemy of the Sherlock Holmes character, so why not bring him into the second film.

For Brad Pitt to play him though seems a stretch. I'm wondering if they are trying to take a huge lead name and put him into a character you might not first suspect and allow him to come out with a slightly odder version of the character we all first thought of, a la Joker in The Dark Knight (Filmstalker review).

However my earlier point is that it's really early to be saying that he's in considering there's no script, and no director to approve casting.

Still the story is there on The Hollywood Reporter corporate blog, and is clearly attributed to a nicer way of saying “inside source”.

Brad Pitt as Moriarty though? I do think it's a shame they used Mark Strong already in the production as I would really have loved him to play the role, and that's the way I think it should go. In fact, let's have Colin Firth, he'd be excellent and can deliver a great evil and intelligent character.



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