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Silent Hill sequel

SilentHill_Poster.jpgI'm really surprised by this news, but it's here none the less. Silent Hill is getting a sequel to the 2006 film which Roger Avary wrote and Christophe Gans directed. What's more is that Avary is returning to the sequel along with the producer Samuel Hadida.

The original Silent Hill followed a mother who was concerned for her daughter who had begun exhibiting strange behaviour, sleepwalking and repeating Silent Hill. When she found a town of that name she took her there and crashed while avoiding a figure on the outskirts of town, knocked unconscious. When she awoke her daughter was gone and the world seemed somewhat different.

The video game is a scary one indeed, and the world that the mother enters is filled with strange creatures intent on killing her, and the strange figure of a young girl, not unlike her daughter, who leads her onwards. Silent Hill holds a lot of secrets, and she must get to the bottom of them in order to save her daughter.

The game is excellent to play, and really scared the pants off me at times, and I have to be one of the ones to stand up and say the film wasn't that bad. A lot of people, players of the video game in particular, hit out at the film, and there were issues with it and it never went as dark and deep as the game itself, but then it wasn't terrible.

Silent Hill starred Radha Mitchell, a brief appearance or two from Sean Bean who was totally wasted (not in the drunken sense!) in the film, and Laurie Holden, Deborah Kara Unger, and Alice Krige. So not a bad line-up either.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Roger Avary is set to return to write the sequel, after he's delivered Return to Castle Wolfenstein of course, another much loved video game that could prove to be superb, if in the right hands with the right budget, or might go the same way as Silent Hill and become rather disliked by fans.

I'm hoping it works, and works better than the last horror first person shooter of Doom did, although again, for what it was delivering, that wasn't that bad.

I look forward to a second Silent Hill too. I do believe that with a little more love and attention that Silent Hill video game fans could end up loving the film, and it could prove more successful than the original.



So... is Avary not going to jail for drunkenly killing those people?

This is interesting news. I'm like you Richard, didn't mind the film at all. It did have issues, but at it's best it worked really well, with the best bits being in Silent Hill itself. Lets hope this sequel works out well.

Roman, no idea. If he is then afterwards I would suspect he'll return to these projects, or write them while he's serving his time. Who cares, as long as we get the stories written and written well.

So who to direct?


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