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Singer for Jack the Giant Killer

BryanSinger.jpgLast we heard was that Jack the Giant Killer was going to be directed by D.J. Caruso, however that looks like it's set to change as the news is coming out that that Bryan Singer is set to direct the film.

The idea that he would has been around for some time, but it looks like it's just been confirmed.

I can't say I'm overjoyed by the news or not, in fact I would quite happily relegate this to a small Stalked article, however there's a fair bit of buzz about it and I thought I might give some the chance to comment about it.

Mark Bomback is writing the script for Bryan Singer, and he's had an interesting career to date, not many films, but a few to be worth mentioning, the main ones perhaps being Live Free or Die Hard (Filmstalker review) and Race to Witch Mountain. Now take those two films, throw them together, and perhaps that's the script for Jack the Giant Killer, the story of a man who heads into Giant country to rescue a kidnapped Princess.

The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter through Film School Rejects who don't provide a link to the source story.

Most leap on the back of Bryan Singer these days, happy to forget the superb films he's delivered and all the positives from his career and dwelling on the poor parts. I'm not with them, I like to see the superb films he's made and realise that the ones that aren't so superb are far from poor.

I think this could be a great combination, and could be a great push back from Singer against the sayers of doom. After all he also has Excalibur and the intriguing Battlestar Galactica film, which already has a huge hill to climb.



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