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Spanish [REC] 2 trailer online

Rec2.jpgThe final Spanish trailer for [REC] 2 has arrived online and it's looking very similar to the previous version although there are some new shots to be seen, particularly at the start.

I'm still in two minds about the first person style of the film, and it's something that only seeing the film will decide for me. It looks like it's going to bring a film that really does work well with the filming style, and then there are the odd few shots in the trailer that look contrived and a little stretched.

I, and you, have to realise though that this is often not the case and we're seeing these shots out of context, within the film itself these odd moments might feel just right. However watching the [REC] 2 trailer does make you wonder about a few moments.

For me the big one is the pair going down the stairs with the soldier in front continuously looking back as he goes, and then as he looks back he gets grabbed and attacked, now there's a surprise. It's like he's following one of those rules in the Scream series.

Small niggle though. The first film was excellent, so good that Hollywood copied it word for word. I suspect they might consider the same as [REC] 2 arrives. See for yourself.



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