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Stalked: Dalton in Toy Story 3, Cage left Green Hornet, Josh Hartnett, Halle Berry, Wilson's Super comedy, Lord of the Rings lawsuit, Point Break sequel

Timothy Dalton has signed up for a role in Toy Story 3...

Nicolas Cage has left The Green Hornet, thankfully for them...

Josh Hartnett in futuristic revenge Western...

Halle Berry is set to star in Dark Tide, for the man who made S.W.A.T...

Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page and Liv Tyler in Super comedy...

The Lord of the Rings lawsuit is settled, The Hobbit can continue...

The Point Break sequel is dead...

Timothy Dalton has signed up for a role in Toy Story 3. He's set to play Mr Pricklepants, a hedgehog with thespian aspirations. According to Empire some clips were shown at the Disney presentation in London the other day that showed the toys were trying to escape from a daycare centre where they've been sent and are being abused by random children.

Nicolas Cage has left The Green Hornet, thankfully for them, I mean has he really starred in anything of any worth in the last while? However it is bad news for the production as filming had started and they are pushed to the wire to find a villain, but still, it's Nicolas Cage. The story comes from Collider.

Gunslinger stars Josh Hartnett as a man who joins forces with his brother and sets out to kill the gang who killed their parents. Sounds like a standard tale, but the blurb has a few extra things to offer. The story, according to Variety, is being described as a western tale, something that brings back that lawlessness of the old western times but in a futuristic world, a post apocalyptic world.

Halle Berry is set to star in Dark Tide, for the man who made S.W.A.T., or rather Variety reports that they are in advanced negotiations for the role. The story will follow a diving instructor who is returning to diving after a near fatal attack from a Great White shark.

Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page and Liv Tyler are set to star in Super, a superhero comedy that was written and directed by James Gunn. According to Variety Wilson will play a man who takes on the hero alter ego of Crimson Bolt, except he has no super powers, he's just a normal bloke. He does so after his wife is taken under the control of a drugs dealer.

The lawsuit from the Tolkien estate has been settled according to The Hollywood Reporter, and that means The Hobbit films can continue and the estate continues their charitable concerns.

The Point Break sequel, Point Break Indo is dead according to sources from Moviehole through Cinema Blend. It was a direct to DVD anyway, and the whole thing sounded dreadful. Nothing to see here, move on.



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