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Stalked: Owen and Miller in Korea, Pussycat Dolls director on science fiction, Area 51 worker film, Eagle of the Ninth casting, Deadman

A few stories I've been meaning to write about but just didn't get the space.

Clive Owen and Sienna Miller in Korean directed film?...

Fame director on science fiction...

Area 51 worker's story on film...

The Eagle of the Ninth gained Donald Sutherland and Mark Strong...

Nikolaj Arcel making Deadman...

Clive Owen and Sienna Miller in Korean directed film?...
Having just watched The Good, The Bad, The Weird (Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom) on Blu-ray and been thoroughly entertained, I'm rather interested to see what Kim Ji-Woon has up his sleeve next. According to 10Asia through Twitch it's a film which will bring him outside of Korea and see him remake Claude Sautet's 1971 film Max et les Ferrailleurs called Max and the Junkmen and is expected to film next year. It was destined for London to get that dreary, winter, film noir look he was after, but the studio said the U.S. so it's Philadelphia. Interestingly though he doesn't have any cast yet, but he would like Clive Owen and Sienna Miller for the leads.

Fame director on science fiction...
Kevin Tancharoen is remaking Fame, because films don't live forever. However he's been talking about something with no dancing at all, a science fiction film called Arcana. Speaking through Moviehole and Atomic Popcorn he says:

"Arcana is a unique blend of the graphic-novel backdrop - like Blade Runner - and shot like 300, and has a little bit of Warriors mixed in there, with a little bit of martial arts, so it's got a lot of crazy elements in there..."

The story is being written by John Ridley, who wrote the Red Tails script, and produced by Brett Ratner. While I don't mind Ratner in the production role, I am more concerned if the man who is remaking Fame can make an effective science fiction film. We'll see.

Area 51 worker's story on film...
Bob Lazar is the man who claims that he worked at S4, otherwise known as Area 51, and worked on alien spacecraft. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kenneth Yakkel is writing the script for the film called S4: The Incredible True Story of Bob Lazar, a title that's sure to change to something resembling Area 51.

The Eagle of the Ninth gained Donald Sutherland and Mark Strong...
According to The Hollywood Reporter through Yahoo News (who don't give a source link) Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell, Donald Sutherland and Mark Strong have joined The Eagle of the Ninth, interesting cast list.

Nikolaj Arcel making Deadman...
Guillermo del Toro is producing Deadman which the Danish director Nikolaj Arcel will direct according to Variety. He's previously directed the Danish films Kongekabale (King's Game) and De fortabte sjæles ø (Island of the Lost Souls). The story follows a circus performer who is murdered and comes back as a ghost with the power to possess the living. Doing so he seeks out his own killer and helps others on the way.



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