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Stalked: Sorority Row opening scene, Russian trailer for Solomon Kane, Warrior and the Wolf trailer, Halo Arms Race

Some trailers and clips online for this Stalked article.

First up there's the opening scene to Sorority Row online, and it looks rather interesting...

The Russian Solomon Kane trailer has plenty more creature shots from the previous...

Warrior and the Wolf looks a confusing trailer, but it stars Maggie Q...

We've seen it before, but we'll see it again. This is what the Neill Blomkamp Halo could have looked like...

The opening scene is online for the horror film Sorority Row which I thought sounded rather atypical and formulaic, but then I saw this opening scene and I'm wondering if it has a little more to offer, something a little more sadistic and twisted.

If nothing else Sorority Row has a nice set-up going for it, and a few interesting characters. Perhaps it ends there though. You can see the trailer on Apple Trailers in all the usual formats along with a few clips and the official trailer.

The Russian trailer for Solomon Kane doesn't help you understand a word of the plot, however it has something the previous English language trailer didn't, loads more of the creatures, and the creatures look good. I said it then and I'll say it now, this is Van Helsing as he was meant to be. Here's the trailer:

Warrior and the Wolf, aka Lang zai ji, looks a confusing trailer, but it stars Maggie Q and looks to have some interesting effects. The blurb tells the story of a General of a Chinese regiment who finds himself lost and stranded in a village where the strange people have a mystical connection to wolves. There he falls for a girl and soon he starts having strange visions. The trailer is confusing, but it does look interesting.

Halo: Arms Race, the three part test shoot that Neill Blomkamp made to sell the idea of Halo to all has been online for a very long time, but with the recent appearance of the other Halo video it's resurfaced. I thought it might be wise to show you it once again.



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