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Takers trailer online

IdrisElba.jpgThe superb Idris Elba opens up this film, and thankfully they've let him speak in his native English , not that he's not superb at accents, I just like to hear it sometimes. Then we get to see Paul Walker and Matt Dillon, Chris Brown, Michael Ealy, Hayden Christensen, Jay Hernandez and Zoe Saldana. An interesting line up.

What's more interesting is the slick styling of the trailer that keeps the action going, the tension rising, and more action on top of it. Takers looks pretty good from this short burst.

I'm probably swayed already by Idris Elba, Michael Ealy and the once again rising Matt Dillon, but then why wouldn't you be?

It's directed and co-written by John Luessenhop who hasn't really had much to his directing CV so far, but this looks set to kick start it with a bang. One of the writers is Gabriel Casseus who has acted in 24, CSI, Brothers in Arms, Black Hawk Down, and many others.

Basically the film follows a crew of high-end, no fear, bank robbers who are planning their biggest heist yet, and hot on their heels is a detective who is set to play as tough as they are. That makes for plenty of stylised action, as per trailer.

I'm Taken.



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