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Terrible How to Train Your Dragon teaser online

TrainYourDragon.jpgIt's interesting watching the teaser trailer for How to Train Your Dragon that arrived online a little while ago, not least because it mentions and shows next to nothing about the film itself.

What we get is the shadow and close-up view of a couple of parts of a dragon with the the trailer focusing on two areas that aren't to do with the film itself.

Mainly the trailer is selling DreamWorks past films, we're about twenty seconds into the forty second teaser when the self promotion ends and then we enter the next phase of the teaser, to show us just how much 3D there's going to be.

Look at how things woosh too and from the camera, duck as title after title flies towards the screen, and if you didn't know it was 3D, let's throw a huge 3D symbol at you.

Teaser over. Oh sorry, there was an eye, some flames, a shadow and the back of a dragon.

So what has it teased us about the film? That there's a dragon in it.

I guess they are relying on the fact that it's 3D and that DreamWorks have made other films.

Here's the teaser which tells you nothing, and if you're anywhere near intelligent, sells you on nothing about the film. After all you would guess there's a dragon in it from the title, you'd see it was 3D and from DreamWorks from reading about it or seeing the upcoming posters.

Well worth the advertising budget. Here's the teaser for How to Train Your Dragon.



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