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The Dead Outside wins!

TheDeadOutside.jpgScottish cinema is not all kilts and drugs, and you'll find that outside of Scottish Screen films actually get made that aren't cliched, appeal to the current film audiences, and are really good. One Day Removals (Filmstalker review). for example, or a horror film I saw at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year, the excellent The Dead Outside (Filmstalker review).

There's more great news for the film as it just won the Best Film and Best Director for Kerry-Anne Mullaney at the Estepona International Horror and Fantasy Film Festival.

These awards add to the Special Jury Mention at Festival Internazionale della Fantascienza di Trieste last year and the Best New Work, Director, Producer, and Writer at the BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards this year. The story comes through the BBC.

Frankly I don't know why this film isn't getting more publicity, and I hope I can help a little in that area, because it is so damned good and rather clever.

It was filmed in just fifteen days in Dumfries and Galloway and takes a huge, worldwide event and looks at the effect on a couple of isolated people.

While it's deemed a zombie film, it's really a psychological horror that takes some clever views of the lead characters, how they are affected by the events and how they interact with each other.

I really enjoyed the film when I saw it and, liked One Day Removals, was surprised by how good the film was. This is small scale Scottish cinema, unaided by the people who should really be helping Scotland grow their cinema base but is too interested in the big, headline grabbing names and projects.

I'd recommend keeping an eye out for The Dead Outside and for anything that this Scottish production team come up with next. I have high hopes for their next film, and the producer tells me that we'll be hearing more when it develops.

As for now a well done to the team and the film, and a reminder to you all to try and get your eyes on this film. Here's the official site to help out.



We seem to have no end of talent in Scotland with films like this and my humble wee comedy being noticed at some of the biggest film festivals in the world. Imagine how much more we could do if Scottish Screen actually showed some sort of interest. It's a damn shame.

Will need to see this,

I agree with Marks comment.


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