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The Fly remake

TheFly.jpgIt was March 2006 when we heard that the darker re-imagined remake of David Cronenberg's classic The Fly was down the drains and a straightforward remake from the studio was up for grabs. Well that seems to be the case as we hear today that the remake is back on the cards, except now there's a surprise.

David Cronenberg is set to direct the remake of his own film.

There's not much more to the story other than the remake is going ahead, finally, and that David Cronenberg is set to take the reigns, which Risky Business Blog reminds us is a bit of a turnaround from the director who said he didn't want to be involved in a remake.

Saying that, he did remake The Fly himself since it was a remake of the 1958 version of The Fly. However Cronenberg's Fly was far superior and has become somewhat of a classic itself with Jeff Goldblum developing a teleportation system that he tries out on himself and accidentally ends up merging with a fly caught in one of the transportation pods. The film follows his slow mental and physical breakdown.

I'm not entirely convinced there's a need for a remake, perhaps a new sequel for the franchise because it wouldn't be too far from the truth to believe that the corporation sitting with the technology, and the last poor attempt at using the device, could resurrect it and begin again.

Yet they couldn't just revisit the same story again, putting him in with a fly again, or any other creature for that. Perhaps they could have the company resurrect the machine to deliberately run a programme of merging species using the device to see if they could control the outcome and create a new human hybrid?

That would be the logical next step for a corporation in charge of the device, but I see Cronenberg going back to the original story. What do you think?



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