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The Host (Gwoemul) prequel news

TheHost_Poster.jpgThe Host 2 is a prequel to Gwoemul (Host) (Filmstalker review) which was a really good film that managed to mix so many genres successfully together and entertain.

So news of a prequel had me scratching my head. Back in 2007 I was wondering why we would be seeing a prequel for a film that shows the first appearance of a monster mutated from the chemical output of a city into the local river. However it gets even more confusing with the latest news.

The word is that the new version, which has secured plenty of funding for the CGI work required, will be a prequel and will feature multiple monsters.

So what does that say about the first film, The Host? Was it not the first time that the creatures had been witnessed running rampant through the city of Seoul and killing people and breeding?

According to the story from Hankyoreh and Daum through Twitch, the film will be set years before the original story but will have more than one creature.

Is it just me or does this seem a little odd? If the city had seen multiple monsters like this before why didn't they know how to deal with one of them that turns up years later? Why didn't they deal with the source of the problem after they got rid of these multiple creatures?

Well the latter part is easy, just look at what humans are like day to day in the real world.

Still, it's messing a little with the time line and I guess we have to ask why they are considering a prequel with multiple monsters and not a sequel. One reason could be because of what I've just said, second time around they'd know how to deal with it. One perhaps, but a horde? Maybe not.

It'll be interesting to see what direction the story takes, and what effect the fact that the film will be funded and the CGI created in Korea, unlike the original. However this time there will be no Joon-ho Bong, and none of the original cast.



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