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The House of the Devil red band trailer online

TheHouseoftheDevil.jpgThe House of the Devil has a red band trailer online, and while I thought I'd written about this before and posted the normal trailer, I think I only watched it and didn't think it was exciting enough. I'm now proven wrong.

The trailer reminds me of the old horror films which were so effective and didn't rely on overly pampering to the audience with gore, violence and the right beats at the right times, and this looks like it might just do that.

The film is written and directed by Ti West and is set to première on Video on Demand in the U.S. on the 1st of October with a full release on the 30th followed by a DVD release in December, but all in the U.S. I'm afraid.

The story of The House of the Devil sees a college student take up a rather strange babysitting role, where there is no baby to sit. However the money is insanely good, and despite the fact that the lunar eclipse is freaking her out a little, she needs the money. However the couple who have hired her are hiding a terrifying secret.

It features some recognisable faces too, with Tom Noonan, Mary Woronov and Dee Wallace. You'll spot them in this excellent trailer. Shame it's not making it's way outside of the U.S.



Love the atomsphere the trailer sets for the film. A good 70's vibe to it.


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