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The Princess and the Frog three minute clip online

PrincessandtheFrog.jpgA three and a half minute clip for The Princess and the Frog has arrived online, and I guess there are people who want to see this so I'm writing about it. As you've guessed I'm not one of them.

The Princess and the Frog tells the classic story of the woman who kisses the frog and finds that it's actually a Prince, cursed to live like a frog, and only a kiss changes him back. In this new version, things have changed quite a bit.

Obviously, as can be seen by the clip, the main set-up is the same, but when the Princess kisses the frog she also turns into a frog, and it's from here the Disney adventure begins.

I don't know, this feels like another era of film, the old Disney, and it just doesn't fit quite right, but then with so many remakes being made why shouldn't Disney get in on the act with their animated tales?

Here's the clip for The Princess and the Frog.



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