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The Rocky Horror Picture Show remake on hold

RockyHorrorPictureShow.jpgIt's astounding, executives are fleeting, madness takes control, but listen closely, not for very much longer, this project is going down the hole. Thank the lord.

The intended remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show looks like it could be in trouble, and good trouble at that, as an extremely brief word has arrived that the film musical is on hold.

In 2008 we heard that the classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show was set to be remade with a production company behind the scenes that would surely spell disaster for the film, MTV.

Imagine it all glitzed up, with high end musicians behind the project and glitz and glamour galore in a modernised story? It'll lose all it's charm and classic-ness as they try to cram young talent into the roles.

After all they will be after catching that young, chart watching audience, and that means getting in young talent. Mind you, Magenta played by Pink? Well that might work, but could you really replace Tim Curry as Frank 'n' Furter?

Other stars of the original include Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick as the lost couple, Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn and Nell Campbell as the Doctor's sidekicks, and Charles Gray as the narrator of the story. There are even appearances from Meat Loaf and Christopher Biggins.

It's a great film, and if you haven't watched it you should, a couple of times, and with a few drinks who knows, you might be up doing the Time Warp and singing Sweet Transvestite before you know it...I know I do...and sometimes without drink. In the middle of a crowded street. Dressed in my basque and suspenders. Okay, I'm joking...really...I've only done that once.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. IO9 through HorrorMovies.ca have the cracking news that the Rocky Horror Picture Show remake by MTV is on hold. Great news. There's no further news as yet, but it does have a quote from inside sources (whoever they may be) saying that it “may take a while”.

What I don't understand is that they believe it could work. The original creator Richard O'Brien and director Jim Sharman tried to recreate the success with a sequel, and they couldn't make it work, Shock Treatment was a failure.

Of course MTV would be remaking it scene for scene probably, just making it new, shiny, and with high grossing singers.

All I can say is good, I'm glad the production is halted, and I hope they never touch it again.



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