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Tia Carrere's surfing return

TiaCarrere.jpgTia Carrere is returning to the big screen, after making such memorable appearances in Waynes World, Rising Sun and True Lies (no, I'm not joking, I definitely remember them). For a good while she's disappeared, although I've caught her in some cheap Tomb Raider television knock-off, there's not a great deal of note from her.

However now she's set to return and play the role of the surfing legend Rell Sunn, adaptated from a script she co-wrote, in a film she will also help produce called Wave Dancer.

After True Lies Tia Carrere kept working but just never really had anything of note, barring her voicing work in the Lilo & Stitch series for television and film, and leading role in the poor television series Relic Hunter, so it's indeed interesting news to hear that she has returned and in a film she has co-written with Simon Wakelin, will co-produce, and also lead.

She will play another famous Hawaiian, Rell Sunn, who is also referred to as Queen of Makaha, who became a huge name in big wave surfing during the late sixties. Not only that but she was a superb diver, a black belt in karate, and apparently a hula dancer, but then who isn't?

Wikipedia reveals more about her life than the article in The Hollywood Reporter gives us.

Her surfing began at aged four, and by fourteen she was entering competitions. In 1975 she was one of the original members of the first women's professional surfing tour and in 1979 she teamed up with other fermale surfers to create the Women's Professional Surfing Association. She was Hawaii's first female lifeguard in 1977 and in 1982 was ranked first in the International professional surfing ratings.

She fought breast cancer for fourteen years, fell into remission three times and underwent a masectomy and a bone marrow transplant, but despite that she continued surfing, became a DJ, a surf reporter, a physical therapist, a counsellor at a cancer research center, and helped pilot a program for breast cancer awareness educating and helping local women about diagnosis and prevention.

She sounds like a legend, surfing aside. I imagine it could well be an honour to play the woman in a film, and Tia Carrere will be thinking more about that than the exposure it would give her career.

A documentary was made of her life in 1997 called The Heart of the Sea: Kapolioka'ehukai, but never a feature film. Wave Dancer will be directed by Martha Coolidge.



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